LelieClass 5.60

The 500 kg LelieClass 560 is a modern lined, robust and maintainance free real sailing boat, without being ‘nervous’ or ‘rocking sensitive’, outperforming the lelievlet, lelieschouw and other small boats in all areas.
When planing at 9 knots using the optional genaker, sailors of the LelieClass (and other boats) will be astonished and smiling all over.
Primarely the LelieClass is a sailing boat, but can also be rowed and sculled with the aluminium oars and is, with a collapsable mast, the modern tarpaulin and a draft of 16 cm with the centreboard and rudders up, ideal for overnight hiking adventures. With long-lasting head winds in small channels, an outboard motor can be directly attached onto the double walled transom without any extra provisions.

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